I never have had a problem.

Our family buys Hartz all the time. We have never had a problem. Our animals only get the most best. (Nothing cost too much for our dog.) We don’t have flea problems and the animals always seem fine and is a lot happier than a lot of pups we meet.

It’s Crap, it doesnt work, dont buy it!!!

Unfortunately I found this site after I used their crappy products, but on the upside their products didn?t have any negative effect on my cat?. That is to say they had no effect at all whatsoever.
I have a 2 month old kitten that has a flea problem, so I figured it would be a quick fix and I would take care of it promptly, I went out and bought the HARTZ brand spray, drops and flea collar then I borrowed my friends (HARTZ brand) flea shampoo.
After bathing the cat I sprayed the whole bottle of spray, put the collar on her and then thoroughly vacuumed the whole house. As the cat was drying I took everything I owned that could fit into a washing machine to a laundry mat and washed everything I own (dirty or not)
Once the cat was dry I applied the drops, changed her food/litter and reread all the directions on all the packages to make sure I followed all directions carefully. After 2 weeks of cleaning and vacuuming I noticed the problem was only getting worse, so I repeated this procedure only this time I stepped it up and used 2 bottles of spray and applied 2 months supply of drops on my cat.
It has now been a month and after nearly 50 dollars on HARTZ brand products my house is INFESTED with fleas. Please keep in mind this is an indoor cat (that most likely got fleas from her mother) that never goes outside and I am a VERY clean person.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours vacuuming the whole house again and another 2 hours flea combing approx 200 fleas off my kitten, 24 hours later I combed her again (see picture) and found 50 adult fleas and countless babies (telling me another wave of fleas is on its way) and more importantly that all HATRZ products are garbage and are nothing more than a waste of money.
Now after spending so much time, money and effort I need to have my place sprayed by an exterminator (at a cost of a hundred and fifty bucks) and need to buy some proper flea treatment (Frontline or Advantage).

50 adult fleas (and hundreds of tiny ones you cant see) comed off my cat after a month of using crap.

The crap I wasted my money on that did NOTHING but let the problem get worse!!

The poisoning of ”Le Fuzz”

I got out of work yesterday and phoned my boyfriend to pick me up. He sounded depressed on the phone, and told me he would talk to me when he got there. I assumed there had been something big, like a fight, but I was shocked when he arrived and he and his mother told me that their two-month old kitten, Le Fuzz, had been poisoned by a flea medication and had died. It was a Hartz brand flea spray which I last saw the kitten covered with running around the house. I was told that the day after the spraying, Fuzz suddenly became sick and had trouble breathing, walking, eating, and that she had been throwing up. A trip to the vet’s yielded the news that the Hartz product has hurt and killed other animals, the vet himself saying that there were “Dozens of cases each year.” Even the receptionist fingered the culprit before they even saw the vet.

Fuzz was admitted into the vet’s care. My boyfriend’s mother called the Hartz company to complain and to demand the money back that they have had to spend on Fuzz’s vet bill. The company reassured her that they could do something for her and suggested she put the vet in contact with them. A while later, the vet called back with a change in story. He claimed to have done x-rays and found Fuzz’s illness to be pneumonia, and that her death (at his office) was because of it. Understandably, we are all incensed over this “truth” and find it hard to believe that a kitten who was perfectly fine one day could be ill with severe pneumonia and die suddenly the next. I am now going to help the family do something for Fuzz. I plan on contacting the ASPCA, starting a demonstration and a petition to have all Hartz flea medications permenently banned.

flea tubes

i use you flea bottles that you sale and notice that it doesn’t work-and also why does it smell like baby powder-changed to front line and k-9 advantage and fleas gone-doesn’t smell baby powder. wtf

Thank you

I am so happy that I found this site. At the start of the summer, we had three cats. Sadly we had to put them to sleep because of old age and sickness. The youngest one was only 2 and he had just gotten sick. After the third one was gone, we went and got a kitten so my son could have one to play with. Then we realized that we had a bad flea infestation and I decided to go to the store and buy anything that would help our poor kitten. I bought the flea and tick medicine for cats yesterday and luckily found this site. I am going to take that medicine back and buy the stuff that I know is safe. I hope that Hartz gets taken off the shelve.

Never Again

A few weeks ago I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops for my 3 cats, and Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 Home Spray. After applying the flea drops I noticed my cats acting strange several hours later. They were listless and twitching. Not even wanting their treaties. By the next day they were vomiting and the area where I put the drops was hot to the touch.

I went online to research this product as to any side effects and thats how I found this site. Had I known what I know now, I would have NEVER used these products. Now several weeks later, my cats still arent themselves. They will suddenly just hop off the floor like there was a spring under them, then look around seemingly confused as to what they are doing. My Himalayan decided to lay down in the litter box like it was the most natural thing. Sometimes they actually stagger. My one cat doesnt even PURR anymore and he had the loudest purr of any cat I ever knew. He used to play fetch and make us chase him….Now he doesnt play at all anymore, he just cries and sometimes doesnt even want to be touched. Needless to say, I feel horrible that something that was supposed to help my cats, has hurt them and altered their personalities.

I filed a report with the EPA about these products. I just got off the phone with a woman from there. Shes informed me that ALL these products were NOT to be sold after March 31st of this year. Yet they are still on the shelves, still being bought by unsuspecting consumers. I told her about this site and how many people are still being affected by Hartz products. She is filing the paperwork for a formal complaint. Everyone from on here needs to call this number 215-814-2128 to report whats happened. Please add to my voice so that we can be heard and put corporations who care more about profit than our pets OUT of business.

Also call the store where you purchased your products. Most will be happy to refund your money. Ask them to visit this site and remove all Hartz products from their shelves. Hopefully we can make a difference.

Patti Minersville Pa.


I bought the Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick collar. I put it on my cat and about 3 hours later he was acting very weird and lethargic. My normally rambunchous cat was lying in the same spot with his eyes half closed. At first I just thought he was tired. A few hours later he was burning up, crying and twitching. He wouldn’t eat, go to the bathroom or drink anything. I took him to the vet. The collar was posionoius and caused him to react this way. It cost me $480 to have him looked at and put on a fluid IV drip because he wouldn’t drink anything.

Now we have to hand feed him and pour water in his month. The vet says that if he doesn’t get better by the end of the week we may need to either pay some $2000 to have him examined and monitored in the vets office, or put him to sleep. Well I don’t have $2000 and am PRAYING that he gets better so I won’t be put in this awful position.

Please DO NOT USE this product on your pets. I feel nothing but guilt for placing this collar on him. A collar I thought would keep him safer.

Loved My Cat

Message: I applied Zodiac spot on flea control for cats and kittens. Canadian reg # 26496, the american reg # for the same product is 2724-488. Active ingredient is s-methoprene 2.9%. Seems like the Hartz equivalent is product # 2596-147. The manufacturer of zodiac spot on is Wellmark. Hartz seems to be a distributor name of Wellmark. They are all connected. Same product, different name. go to PAN Pesticide Database to see for your self.

My cat died at the vets in less than 48 hours after I applied the above mentioned product. The first vet gave my cat subq fliuds and sent me home with instructions that if she gets worse to take her to an emerge vet clinic. Her third eyelids went down and she was brighter after the subq fluids. Within 3 hours though she was not well so I took her to the emerg clinic immeadiatly. They put her on IV and did blood work which came back normal. Neither vet suggested bathing my cat which I now understand would have helped her system to stop absorbing the spot on.The meds thay gave her during her stay were the equivalent to valium and robaxicet. I have called wellmark and the epa to report my experince. Wellmark told me it was not possible that my cat died from use of their product. I told them that it was not logical for them to make such a statement without an autopsy.My cat was NOT euthanized. She died at the vets while I was petting and praising her existence. I have verbally reported this experience to the EPA and in writing to the canadian equivalent – PMRA Pesticide management regulatory agency. and my local newspaper is running a story on the dangers of chemical flea control products. One of the worst parts of this is that I now know that the emergency vet clinic in toronto on yonge st did not give her IV drip for a whole 4 hours till after her arrival. Warning to all -do not leave your animal at the vets until you know that they have been attended to. Better yet, bathe the animal yourself and administer the homeopathic remedy NUX VOMICA. Take them to a naturopathic vet for IV and meds to detox.

Review of her symptoms: Lethargy,depressed,Ataxia,bradycardia, increased respiration, third eyelids up.,slight fever,periods of agitation, tail twitching all over the place,tremors in jaw,panting.


My cat not only got into Hartz Flea and tick medcine it got into DOG flea and tick medcine! NO MATTER what brand it is YOU MUST NOT use Dog flea and tick medcine. My cat survived cause i got it in to the vets office as withen the first hour. I think something must be done about this. Pet owners need to know that not only hartz products are dangrous but that using Dog Flea and tick product on a animal that is not a dog is FATAL. I knew that luckly but many people don’t. I propose that you should send letter and e-mails to local news medias, Animal cruelty assoctions, Pet magazines,Pet rescues, and Local pet store chains. Its easy to contact these assciotions if you go onto thier websites. I AM BEGGING you to write letters and e-mail to these assoction,stores and magazines. If enough people e-mail or write letter their more likely to do something about it.

How my cat survived

Woosh! My cat landed on the couch next to me and began running around frantcily. I knew instantly something was wrong. Sassy was twitching and running from spot to spot and twitching some more. Her eyes were wide as if there was no light in the room even though it was quite light. She also began hissing and hitting me with her paws when i tried to touch her.I felt my cat and stickey smelly liquid came off her back and on to my hand. I relized with horror my cat got into my dogs Hartz Dog flea and tick medcine. She had ingested some also. I knew that Dog flea and tick medcine is toxic to cats to began with. So i immedtialy rushed her to our local emergency vets office. It was withen the first hour of her getting the toxic liquid into her body and she survived. Later i found out how dangrous Hartz flea and tick medcine is. I WAS HORRIFIED! I couldn’t belive it. I had been buying the product for a long time. Im just gratefull my cats are ok. My dog also. I want the world to know how toxic Dog flea and tick medcine is exspecially Hartz Flea and tick medcine!