Hartz Flea Collar.. took it off in time!

I had just moved from NY to WA last year, to be with my boyfriend. He lives with his parents (we were 20 years old), and they have an 11 year old orange tabby named Sheriff. None of my pets ever had fleas, but I noticed Sheriff had a lot. I was constantly getting bit every night if he came into our bedroom or I held him. My boyfriends parents were used to it I guess and didn’t apply any flea treatment to him.
I got tired of it and went to PetSmart where I found the Hartz Flea Collar. I put it on Sheriff and hoped that it would work. I don’t really think it worked at all, and all of us in the house noticed that Sheriff’s mood had changed. He was just laying around, sleeping more than usual. We got worried and took off the flea collar and threw it away. Then I did some research about the Hartz products and was horrified.
I can’t believe that a company that has killed so many animals gets away with it! It’s really terrible. I wish that these pet stores would wise up and not carry their products.

Thankfully since Sheriff only had the collar on for a few days he was fine. His mood was instantly better once we took off the collar. I’m just really glad that we took it off in time.

Ilona H.
Tacoma, WA

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