Hartz poisoned my kitten!

My husband and I recently discovered our cat we just recently adopted from a rescue and our 2 month old kitten had more and more fleas on them as the days went by. My husband came home with the Hartz drops that were recommended to us. We applied the drops to them that night. The next morning our little kitten (carmen) was acting really weird and then started pooping diarhia all over the house and urinating everywhere. She got to where she wouldnt even move. My husband had to keep bathing her to get the urine and poop off of her. It was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life. She was poisoned by the Hartz drops we had put on her. My husband and I were devistated. Luckily shes a fighter and barely made it through. I will never buy that stuff again. Thanks again for letting me tell our story, from Houston TX.

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