Erin Bronkavich needs to take this case on

I have used Hartz’s products for a long time, and yes over the past few years I have heard stories about severe reactions to the flea drops. But, my story is about the shampoo called Hartz Control, it has three agricultural pesticides, two of them are called synergy types; which means they help enhance the results of the main pesticide. I first need to caution readers that most of the symptoms of the Hartz products very closely mimic “FIP”….. I have a kitten that is teetering between both causing his problems. My cats symptoms are: Prior to bath, lethargic, decrece in appetite, no pee, and no poop, but eating and drinking a little. After bath, he got cold and stayed cold, slept constantly for four days, back legs still are not working well, dehydrated even after syringe applyed at the vet, later the night of the bath and after worming with peprizine he had bowl movement with worms, and by the time I returned home he seemed much better. I thought he was going to die that morning, but he is sill here 5 days later. I live in Tacoma, Washington 8-27-2006

If anyone has found any help with homiopathic or natural products that that eliminated the symptoms please e-mail me at [email protected]

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