There are lice like bugs in my hampster food!

I bought Hartz Hampster Food a couple of weeks ago and I was cleaning my hampster and I found he had lice. I investigated, cleaned his cage and looked him over. Sure enough he has tiny white bugs all over him. I also have 3 Degus(rodents) and they share the food. I checked and the lice is in there cage too. They seem to be ok but I cleaned the cage any way, which took me 2 hours to disinfect their enclosure . I could only find one common denominator…the food. I looked in the food tub and I can see the bugs crawling on the food. I am extremely angry and if this leads to a mini epidemic for my pets I will not be pleased. I also had an experience with dog flea drops that you put on the back of the neck, also made by Hartz. They gave my shitzu a chemical burn. I had to stop treatment and take him to the vet. He now had fleas and a large burn on his neck. Hartz should be ashamed and I will not buy ANYTHING from them again!!!!

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