It’s Crap, it doesnt work, dont buy it!!!

Unfortunately I found this site after I used their crappy products, but on the upside their products didn?t have any negative effect on my cat?. That is to say they had no effect at all whatsoever.
I have a 2 month old kitten that has a flea problem, so I figured it would be a quick fix and I would take care of it promptly, I went out and bought the HARTZ brand spray, drops and flea collar then I borrowed my friends (HARTZ brand) flea shampoo.
After bathing the cat I sprayed the whole bottle of spray, put the collar on her and then thoroughly vacuumed the whole house. As the cat was drying I took everything I owned that could fit into a washing machine to a laundry mat and washed everything I own (dirty or not)
Once the cat was dry I applied the drops, changed her food/litter and reread all the directions on all the packages to make sure I followed all directions carefully. After 2 weeks of cleaning and vacuuming I noticed the problem was only getting worse, so I repeated this procedure only this time I stepped it up and used 2 bottles of spray and applied 2 months supply of drops on my cat.
It has now been a month and after nearly 50 dollars on HARTZ brand products my house is INFESTED with fleas. Please keep in mind this is an indoor cat (that most likely got fleas from her mother) that never goes outside and I am a VERY clean person.
Yesterday I spent 3 hours vacuuming the whole house again and another 2 hours flea combing approx 200 fleas off my kitten, 24 hours later I combed her again (see picture) and found 50 adult fleas and countless babies (telling me another wave of fleas is on its way) and more importantly that all HATRZ products are garbage and are nothing more than a waste of money.
Now after spending so much time, money and effort I need to have my place sprayed by an exterminator (at a cost of a hundred and fifty bucks) and need to buy some proper flea treatment (Frontline or Advantage).

50 adult fleas (and hundreds of tiny ones you cant see) comed off my cat after a month of using crap.

The crap I wasted my money on that did NOTHING but let the problem get worse!!

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