The poisoning of ”Le Fuzz”

I got out of work yesterday and phoned my boyfriend to pick me up. He sounded depressed on the phone, and told me he would talk to me when he got there. I assumed there had been something big, like a fight, but I was shocked when he arrived and he and his mother told me that their two-month old kitten, Le Fuzz, had been poisoned by a flea medication and had died. It was a Hartz brand flea spray which I last saw the kitten covered with running around the house. I was told that the day after the spraying, Fuzz suddenly became sick and had trouble breathing, walking, eating, and that she had been throwing up. A trip to the vet’s yielded the news that the Hartz product has hurt and killed other animals, the vet himself saying that there were “Dozens of cases each year.” Even the receptionist fingered the culprit before they even saw the vet.

Fuzz was admitted into the vet’s care. My boyfriend’s mother called the Hartz company to complain and to demand the money back that they have had to spend on Fuzz’s vet bill. The company reassured her that they could do something for her and suggested she put the vet in contact with them. A while later, the vet called back with a change in story. He claimed to have done x-rays and found Fuzz’s illness to be pneumonia, and that her death (at his office) was because of it. Understandably, we are all incensed over this “truth” and find it hard to believe that a kitten who was perfectly fine one day could be ill with severe pneumonia and die suddenly the next. I am now going to help the family do something for Fuzz. I plan on contacting the ASPCA, starting a demonstration and a petition to have all Hartz flea medications permenently banned.

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