Im so glad we found this website! A few days ago I found a flea on my Pug, “Piggy” we used HARTZ Advanced Care Flea & Tick drops and soon after his fur was raised where we applied it. We quickly gave him a very good bath and hoped that all was well, the next mroning Piggy woke up covered in hives (his fur was raised in little round bumps) I gave him benadryl. later that night his ears began to bleed and become covered with pus! I immediately called my vet again and she explained about this horrid product!! Im on my way to the vet right now! Im sick to think that I’ve hurt him in any way!! PLease let me know if I could help in any way to stop sales of this product!! I too will be spreading the word! Thank you for this site, I also have forwarded it to my own vet.

Scranton, PA

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