Loved My Cat

Message: I applied Zodiac spot on flea control for cats and kittens. Canadian reg # 26496, the american reg # for the same product is 2724-488. Active ingredient is s-methoprene 2.9%. Seems like the Hartz equivalent is product # 2596-147. The manufacturer of zodiac spot on is Wellmark. Hartz seems to be a distributor name of Wellmark. They are all connected. Same product, different name. go to PAN Pesticide Database to see for your self.

My cat died at the vets in less than 48 hours after I applied the above mentioned product. The first vet gave my cat subq fliuds and sent me home with instructions that if she gets worse to take her to an emerge vet clinic. Her third eyelids went down and she was brighter after the subq fluids. Within 3 hours though she was not well so I took her to the emerg clinic immeadiatly. They put her on IV and did blood work which came back normal. Neither vet suggested bathing my cat which I now understand would have helped her system to stop absorbing the spot on.The meds thay gave her during her stay were the equivalent to valium and robaxicet. I have called wellmark and the epa to report my experince. Wellmark told me it was not possible that my cat died from use of their product. I told them that it was not logical for them to make such a statement without an autopsy.My cat was NOT euthanized. She died at the vets while I was petting and praising her existence. I have verbally reported this experience to the EPA and in writing to the canadian equivalent – PMRA Pesticide management regulatory agency. and my local newspaper is running a story on the dangers of chemical flea control products. One of the worst parts of this is that I now know that the emergency vet clinic in toronto on yonge st did not give her IV drip for a whole 4 hours till after her arrival. Warning to all -do not leave your animal at the vets until you know that they have been attended to. Better yet, bathe the animal yourself and administer the homeopathic remedy NUX VOMICA. Take them to a naturopathic vet for IV and meds to detox.

Review of her symptoms: Lethargy,depressed,Ataxia,bradycardia, increased respiration, third eyelids up.,slight fever,periods of agitation, tail twitching all over the place,tremors in jaw,panting.

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