How my cat survived

Woosh! My cat landed on the couch next to me and began running around frantcily. I knew instantly something was wrong. Sassy was twitching and running from spot to spot and twitching some more. Her eyes were wide as if there was no light in the room even though it was quite light. She also began hissing and hitting me with her paws when i tried to touch her.I felt my cat and stickey smelly liquid came off her back and on to my hand. I relized with horror my cat got into my dogs Hartz Dog flea and tick medcine. She had ingested some also. I knew that Dog flea and tick medcine is toxic to cats to began with. So i immedtialy rushed her to our local emergency vets office. It was withen the first hour of her getting the toxic liquid into her body and she survived. Later i found out how dangrous Hartz flea and tick medcine is. I WAS HORRIFIED! I couldn’t belive it. I had been buying the product for a long time. Im just gratefull my cats are ok. My dog also. I want the world to know how toxic Dog flea and tick medcine is exspecially Hartz Flea and tick medcine!

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