Zodiac On The Spot Poisoned My Cat

I applied it to all 3 of my animals and 2 days later I had my 1 yr old cat at the vets as he was deathly ill. He stopped eating, his temperature dropped he was dehydrated, drooling and needed sub Q. The vet said that is was poisoning from OTC flea drops after ruling out a number of other possible problems.

When I told my vet the brand I used he immediately knew that that was the cause of my cats illness as he said he has seen it before with this brand and a couple of other well known brands, Hatrz included.

My cat is still not doing well at all and I am not sure if he will survive or not.

Please, never buy and pet med OTC without contacting your veterinarian first, it is just not worth taking any chances with your pets health.

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