Last September I used Hartz Plus Flea Drops on Kitty. She is a two year old healthy cat. By the next morning she couldn’t walk and her skin was “crawling” and she was having seizures. We had to rush her to the Emergency Vet (Sunday) and they had to treat her with Phenobarbitol. She was the fifth cat they had seen that week that had been poisoned by the insecticide in Hartz Flea Drops. It almost killed her. I can’t believe that after all the animals this stuff has killed they are still allowed to sell it. Some of the pictures of these poor animals gives me nightmares and I cringe whenever I think of what my cat went through. I almost killed my own cat because of these greedy, worthless people. I will NEVER, EVER purchase another product from Hartz and tell eveyone that will listen about my experience to save them from the same heartache and hopefully cost Hartz what is near and dear to them……MONEY!

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