cat survived,

my 5 year old siam/balin. (orion) had the hartz flea drops applied by a sympathetic neighbor… yes, my neighbor… (older lady. didnt know any better.. i still think that hartz, promoting the product should know better…) the woman said she thought my cat in the yard (got loose by accident, my child let him out..has skin issues..looks like hes having flea issues to her…) took a day to drop into seizures. she told me what she put on him later.. the day he came home, he had a clear greasy substance behind his ears, and was twitching, jumped and missed the counter.. i washed him all off immediatly and took him to the nearest vet.. not my vet, the NEAREST. they said he was too far gone, just give up… dont waste my money on it… (HOW RUDE) i couldnt do that. i wanted to give him a day to live.. 4 hours later, they said.. oh well, just let it go, its gonna cost too much.. i insisted to keep trying, as long as hes not suffering.. they said he wont recoup. the next morning, he was doing great, not complete, but better.. within a week, he had his full balance back and now is springloaded. dont use these flea drops. dont use them trying to help someone elses pet. dont give up on your pets. dont let a vet talk you into giving in on your pet. (ok… so im outta 300+ bucks.. i have my orion.. ) last time at that vet, even in an emergency..
cant anyone push these emails – messages to walmart and other big chains that they are selling such a bad product? maybe then it will drive hartz to STOP production? if so, include my name.. this isnt my first bad experience just my most recent..

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