Rid Worm Liquid

I gave my 10week old puppy the hartz rid worm liquid after seeing worms in in stool. He took it on Wednesday night and this morning (which is Friday) he started passing this clear liquid with worms. Ive search the web to see if i cant find out if this is supposed to happen but i havent found any information. I ran into this site and now i am a little concerned. Has anyone used the rid worm liquid on there puppy????

2 thoughts on “Rid Worm Liquid”

  1. I gave my 10 week old puppy hartz ultra gaurd plus rid worm liquid and he was a happy entergetic puppy and 4 days later he was dead in my arms. I also have a 12 week old puppy who I gave the hartz to and right now hes laying at my feet also very sick.

  2. Check the label on the.product you used. im not sure.about.the liquid form but. the tablets contain 2 drugs that are toxic to dogs. Piperazine citrate and dichlorophene the product lable claimes that puppies.may be sensitive to the.medication but after speaking with my vet and a little research on lime i discovered that these drugs are intended for use with livestock.mainly.pigs and cattle and they are toxic to dogs.annotjer common wormer that is t. oxuc.to digs is ivermecetin if you are.looking.to deworm your dog dont buy any.product containing these 3 drugs. your playing russian roulette when u do

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