In response to any legal action to take against Hartz, lawsuits hurt them in their pockets, but it will never stop them from selling their products. If we want to get these products off of the shelves, each and every incident needs to be reported, not just to Hartz (they bury the reports that they they consider to be less severe and go unreported) but also directly to the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) who will investigate any and all reports. The EPA gets enough of these reports, they will force Hartz to stop selling their products, just like they did with the Advanced Care Flea Drops, now masking as the Ultra Guard flea product whose active ingredient will have the same horrible reaction the old product did. It has also came to my attention that Hartz is getting into the veterinary world and is going to try to sell flea and tick products (under the Sumitomo name) to veterinarians. (God help all of our pets if they accomplish that). But legal action, as I said earlier, hurts them financially because they will pay out to shut everyone up, but in the end, will not stop them from hurting, or even killing more of our pets, and that should be our goal. They paid out in the original class action suit, they paid out with Blockade, and they are still here, being allowed to sell these products. Only severe reactions are reported to the EPA by Hartz, the rest are buried. Its best to report to both Hartz and the EPA if we want them stopped.

Hartford, CT

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