3 helpless victims

I had three beautiful healthy dogs. I used the Hartz fle drip on each of them. They are three diffrent breads and have never had any medical isues in the past. The oldest, Farly 11, got a really bad skin problem, and no longer wanted to eat. He passed away from this less then a week ago. My baby, Annie 4, can’t walk any more. The vet said that she has nurological problems and that she may or may not recover. The third, Darla 8, was taken to the emergincy vet clinic last night. They said that she will be lucky to live. And after much discution with the vet, she informed us that Hartz can cause nerve damage and she has had to put many dogs to sleep becuase of Hartz. Why didn’t somone tell us before.. I might loose all my babys…

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