New product-Ultra Guard

A few weeks ago I had decided to try the Hartz Ultra Guard for Cats over 5 pounds on my 1 year old domestic short hair cat. Unfortunately, I was not aware of all of the problems Hartz products had caused until it happenned to my cat. I applied the product and within 10 hours my cat began seizing. I immediately took my cat to the vet and it was there I found out of the horrible reactions that thousands of cats had with the Hartz flea drops. I read up on the active ingredient on the Ultra Guard and discovered that it is nothing more than a synthetic pyrethrin ( which is the same type of ingredient that had caused the severe reactions with the use of the Advanced Care flea drops) Hartz could not even explain what the active ingredient in their new product is and it was obvious that they were trying to disguise it. They claimed that it does not cause neurological problems, yet my cat experienced a seizure which is directly related to a neurological problem. I read the label carefully, following the instructions to the letter, my cat met all the criteria set on the label, yet my cat became very ill. Hartz is completely aware of these problems, yet continues to sell these products to innocent consumers trying to claim its our own fault through misuse. There was no misuse here, and talking to their customer service department was a useless effort as they ran around in circles trying to answer my questions. I was transferred 3 times and each representative I spoke with was worse than the one before unable to give me a direct answer to my numerous questions. I felt I was given the complete run around and I gave up. In researching I discovered that Hartz has had problems in the past with Blockade, now disguising it in an Advanced Care flea spray, and they plan to do the same with the flea drops, hiding their already bad rep behind their new parent company, Sumitoma. I urge everyone who reads this message and the many other stories that have been posted, to talk with their stores, and vets to stay away from any Hartz products. To all pet owners, STAY AWAY FROM HARTZ!!!!

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