I had the unfortuntate experience of talking to Hartz today about a severe reaction my cat had with the Ultra Guard Flea drops. About 4 hours after using the product on my 2 year old, male, domestic shorthair, Luke, he went into seizures and I had to rush poor Luke to my vet. I was appalled at the stories my vet told me about numerous other cases of cats that have had similar problems, some have even died. I was even more appalled at the way Hartz responded to me. Hartz was rude, and completely uncaring about my situation. I suppose with so many problems, they’ve become immuned to these calls. I asked to speak with the manager, and they refused to put me through. Fortunately, Luke survived this horrible ordeal and he will be fine, however, going to a Walmart to buy flea and tick protection for your beloved pet, should not be putting their lives at risk. I will never buy another Hartz product again, and I strongly urge anyone who is reading on this site to do the same. They offered to pay for my vet bills, but I don’t think they should shut us up by trying to pay us off. I could have lost my beloved Luke and no money on earth could replace that loss. Thank god, he pulled through. Hartz believes that we are stupid, and our cats are becoming sick out of our own stupidity. They need to know that we are on to them, and they must stop selling their flea and tick products. Their buck should stop here with us. I don’t understand how they could still be in business, selling these lethal products to innocent consumers, and how could Sumitoma Corporation risk their reputation on such an unethical and immoral company such as Hartz. Shame on them (Sumitomo) for allowing Hartz to continue selling these lethal products. Thank you for allowing me to vent my frustrations and I pray that our voices are heard

Buffalo, NY

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