About 2 years ago I placed Hartz flea and tick drops on my cat. My cat was 2 years old. Three hours later my cat was having convulsions to the point he could not be held. He was afraid and clawing my daughter and I. Unfortunately he got away from us. We found him dead the next day. My daughter was devastated. I can’t believe Hartz still has this product on the shelves of stores. Try explaining to your child why a company would keep this on the shelf. It’s wrong. If you know it does this why would you keep distributing it. If it was your child, you(Hartz) would do something then. Some people consider these pets their children. They are all they have in the world.

A co-worker just yesterday purchased this product and put it on her cat. She spent $400.00 at her local vet to save the cats life. Unfortunately I didn’t know she was going to use it or I would have told her not to.

Shame on you Hartz. I will never use your products as long as I live.

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