Almost One Year

It Has been almost one year since my beloved puppy had to be put to sleep. In reference read 165 pounds and killed from a shampoo from august 2005. I am still greiving the loss of my baby boy bruiser, and still very disapointed that these products still remain. The only thing i can think of to say is to everyone who has lost their pets i am very very sorry you have had to go through this.

There has been one thing to bring me satisfaction over the past year though, everytime i go to the local walmart or wherever they sell hartz still i tell the people looking at the products what it did to my little boy and instantly the look of sadness and disgust rolls down their face, needless to say nothing gets bought. Standing in line one day the woman in front of me was going to purchase hartz flea and tick shampoo. I told her my story and two seconds later there was a very upset store clerk undoing the womans order saying she was not going to use that on her animals. If it saves one animal i will tell my story a million times. nothing will bring back my baby boy but the memories live on. Bruiser i know you are in pet heaven mommy loves you.

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