july 3rd about 3 days ago at 8pm i gave 3 of my cats hartz 4in1 flea and tick drops. 2 were fine but at about 11pm i noticed 1 was not fine she was breathing 3 breaths per second if you can imagin that? and was twitching all over..because it was late the only option i had was the ER vet 45min away from my home so i called..they instantly knew what i was talking about,told me to bathe her with dawn dish soap and scrub and scrub then rush her in before i could hang up they added ,”mam’ she may not make it”. i was in tears i cried and cried as i struggled to bathe a very tramatized cat….. it seemed to take hours n hours as i drived those 45min to the vet,crying so bad i could barley see the dark foggy road. finally we got there my cat (zuessy) was not doing well at all, i walked in and they evaluted her and let me know it would cost 400 dollers i only had 200 dollers, they then told me they needed money up front and i was told i had enough to put her to sleep which they added would be the best option, i was turned away, i was not going to give up that easy..we fought for her life me and zuessy all night long as we cried togathier her very shakey and upset…my instict somehow told me that if i could only get her to sleep it would relax her twitching mustles so i held her very very tightly to help with the twitching and soon after she was asleep. at about 9am i was sooo exhausted, i layed my head on zuessys tummy and we slept we slept off the sickness togathier she slept 6 hours when she woke she was doing awsome still a little shakey but so much better. its now 48 hours later and zuessy is thriving and doing awsome, its just sad that she had to go through something so tramatic at such a young age..shes doing well health wise unfortunitly she will never understand me when i say that im so sorry and that i really did not mean to cause her money from any lawsuit could make my cat regain her trust in me, she seems very distant with me now and will not eat anything i try to feed her, yet my husband can offer the same food and she gobbles it right up.. sad to think my cat hates me because of HARTZ!!! i think hartz sucks i hope they all suffer a long horrible death… and i hope they know that carma is a bitch!!

Vet Thinks It Was the Collar. Advice?

Currently, I am going through a gut wrenching ordeal and if anyone can help, please feel free to mail me. My heart and soul is so sick and I don’t know what to do. I live in a rural area and our neighbor has a dog, a gentle one. In the pouring rain last Monday, she was barking in circles at something in the grass. Long story short, it was a beautiful, loving little stray kitten,7 weeks old with a BIG WHITE Collar around it’s neck. You know the one…white, metallic strip/buckle. I immediately knew it was trouble. She was convulsing on the ground, unhurt by the dog but apparently in shock. I dried her off, no wounds except a pus filled old abcess on her head and lots of fleas, collar or no. It seemed like it would be okay. Later in the evening, she starts convulsing, tremors and finally full seizures. I rush to the nearest emergency vet, an hour away. A hundred dollars later and a cocktail shot, she is happy, fluffy and normal acting. It stayed this way for a week almost. Sunday night, the baby sleeps all afternoon and is lethargic upon wakening, ruffled fur, pupils are lopsided, fever, white eyeball covering, unable to walk and falls over howling. Seizure starts and she throws herself back and forth into walls and doors, running as if a demon were chasing her. This goes on for about 1 minute or two then she revives as if it never happened. To the vet next morning and he is convinced that if it’s not head trauma (and he thinks it isn’t) it is the flea collar toxins. He says the smell of the chemicals are too strong around her head still, even after a bath. Back home with steroids, clavamox…FIV and leukemia tests are negative. All is well rest of Monday, Tuesday evening comes, loooong nap and the onset of lethargy and seizures that were even worse than before…eye twitches badly, red circle under eye, labored breathing and full out seizures flying through the house, jumping across furniture, slamming into walls in mid air, hanging off the sofa frozen. Three more seizures would happen as the night progresses. In between, she nuzzles, purrs and seems grateful for the company while she hurts. Back to vet today (Wed) and they take full CBC. No liver damage, no elevated blood sugars, slight white blood cell count elevation. Give her a sugar substance to add to the food in case of possible sugar elevation but otherwise are clueless. They say she might have trauma to the head and it could heal itself in a few weeks, maybe not. If it is the flea collar as they suspect, it’s hard to say if this will be permanent. I am trying so hard to give her a few weeks to work it out if it can be done but this is so hard. To let her spend so much time in a catatonic state and living with what appears to be brain damage doesn’t seem fair to the kitten. I feel like I am an optimist and may be doing her more harm but they gave me a glimmer of hope. I don’t know what to do. During the day, she is so incredibly loving in spite of her hardships. She’s only been on this earth for 8 or 9 weeks and has had to go through all of this? Wow…life stinks. Is there anyone else that can relate to these same symptoms? Any hope maybe? Thanks for listening.


Amy my little Chihuahua spent July 4th at an animal hospital because of Hartz Flea and Tick drops. I feel so very badly because I cause this pain on her. I will never buy a Hartz product again and it’s obvious that all Hartz wants is a customer’s money and not at all worried about the welfare of the pets.

please read very important

please read this its very all started the other night at 8pm i begain letting my 4 cats outdoors so i thought i would go pick up somthing to portect them against harmful fleas and ticks and it just happend to be hartz 4 in 1 flea and tick drops plus…well i begain with my biggest cat he did excellant i then moved on to my next and then my last baby was 9mo zuessy and for some reason it just didnt agree with her as well as it had with the others (cry!!) she seemed fine for the 1st few hours then by 11pm i noticed somthing wasnt right…she started to be very thrashy with her movements (rolling around vigeriously) i put my hand on her stomach to feel her breathing and was just shocked by what i discovered..she was breathing about 3-4 breaths per second:( then started the twitching pretty badly..i called my emergency vet and they said to keep monitering her to make sure it didnt get worse,and also stated i should bring her in to the vet immediatly (unfortunitly i had about 25 dollers to my name and wont be getting paid until friday and its only tuesday and the vet needs the money upfront or they turn you basically i was told that without money i would need to just let nature takes its course and ride out the waves with her…about 2 hours later my instinks kicked in and i knew if she could just get to sleep it would relax her twitching mustles so as i cried and cried i held her close in my bed with my head on her tummy praying all night got to be about 10am and i was still awake as zuessy slept and i just watched over her…its now about 26 hours since the hartz treatment and shes still recovering shes very tired but doing a hell of alot better..all i can see is HARTZ YOU REALLY SUCK!! and i hope all who make and distribute this product suffer a long horrible death for what thier doing to these poor innocent animals..just alone in 1 vet theyve seen over 400-500 of these “hartz cases”, its just not fair this product needs to be removed from the shelves ASAP!!! and as fair as the whole hartz company is concered they will not recieve another penny from me or any of my friends and family and anybody else i can speak to that will listen..

Our baby Sox

My cat is currently at the vet because of Hartz tick and flea spray. Shortly after using the spray, our cat became very dizzy and disoriented. She was meowing as if she was in pain and threw up twice. She also couldn’t walk straight and had no balance. She kept falling over. A few hours later, she became very lethargic. She wasn’t eating or drinking anything. I found this website and was shocked at the amount of people whos animals have been poisoned from this product. We called the vet right away and they told us to bring her in. They also told us that they have seen so many cats who have become sick and even died because of Hartz products. They said that it isn’t the quality of the product but the quantity. We used LESS than what the bottle said to use and look whats happened! They said that her heart and lungs are good but her body temperature was extremely low and she was very dehydrated. They are keeping her overnight and they called us today to let us know that she is getting better. If we hadn’t called as soon as we did, she might not have made it. It is still not definite that she will be okay. There is no reason for my cat to be at the vet right now, and suffering as she was. She was a healthy and happy cat and we followed the directions on the bottle exactly as they said. We will be calling Hartz as soon as their offices are open tomorrow. There is no reason why we should have to pay for the vet bill, it is because of their product that our cat had to go to the vet and I am so extremely angry. To see the way she was suffering broke my heart and to think of her now and not knowing how she is doing is so hard. I will never use another Hartz product again. Thank you for this website. It really helped me figure out what was wrong with my cat. Or better yet, what is wrong with Hartz, because there WAS nothing wrong with my cat. I will be sure to spread the word to people about this deadly product.

I just learned a lesson in the most horrible way…

Tonight my cat/baby died and I am 99% sure it is because of the Hartz product I put on her today. Before I left for work at noon, I put on a 2 in 1 Reflecting Flea and Tick Collar that I bought at Target last night for her. When I came home, at 5:30, she was crying. At 6:00, she started vomitting. I immediately removed the collar. At 6:30, she was lying on my chest very lethargic. At 6:50, she started seizing and I was getting ready to rush her to the vet. At 7:00, she was dead. My family is devastated and I am sitting here blaming myself because I put the thing on her because I didn’t think this could happen from a flea collar. I am so angry and hurting. I will never, EVER buy another Hartz product again after reading all that I have read. She was two and a half years old and very healthy. This should not have happened! Learn from my mistakes and don’t use these things…=(