Hartz flea drops do NOT work

I came home one holiday evening to find my two ragdoll cats had fleas. Quickly I wanted to do something to rid them and help my cats. Most stores were closed, but we found a Walgreens that was open until midnight. We purchased Hartz Onespot for the cats, and 3 in 1 home spray.
The Onespot was totally ineffective. The fleas were not phased. Now that they are really bad- we have to wait out another 2 weeks before we can use anything else on them. My cats are constantly itching, and biting and scratching and licking. We give them oatmeal baths every night to ease their distress while we wait to use a product that actually works. We treated out dog whgo at the time did not have fleas, just to be safe and to protect him. He now has a very bad case of fleas himself – after using the product!!!!
My groomer and vet both said that Hartz products are the worse, never use them and how harmful they are to animals. How these products that do not work- or worse- cause harm to our beloved animals and they stay on the market is beyond me. STOP buying and using Hartz products.

Sad little puppy in CA

Last week we applied Hartz to our dogs after spotting a couple of fleas on them. They went to bed, and the next morning, our 6 lb. maltese was lethargic, lost his appetite, and had diarrhea. We waited a day (big mistake) before going to the vet. When we got there, they took our dog from us to give him an emergency bath. After the bath the vet gave him a shot of atropene (which is used in humans as they recover from heart attacks) and explained to us the dangerous products Hartz has on this shelves. We truly had no idea that this product could literally poison our dog to death. He has slowly regained his appetite but remains lethargic. It’s like our playful puppy was replaced by a sick old dog. I hope he gets better, but I don’t know what else we can do but try to wait as his body flushes this crap out. Boo to Hartz!

Flea and Tick spray nearly killed our kitten

This past July 4th we vacationed at the beach and during our stay found a 9 week old stray kitten. After a few days we realized he was covered in fleas so we went to the store and purchased the Hartz Flea and Tick Spray.
Several hours after putting the spray on we realized the kitten had gone missing and at the same time realized that the spray had removed my sisters finger nail polish. We began searching for the cat and found that she had crawled between our cabinets. After hours of waiting for him to come out, we cut a hole into our cabinet and tried to reach him. He was hissing and biting so we decided to give him some time. After several hours we checked again and he was so limp and lethargic that we were able to pull him out.
By this time he was so sick that he could no longer move anything but his eyes. He had vomit and diarrhea all over him and was having seizures and tremors. We called the vet and they asked us to bring him in. No one had the money to put up the bill so we decided to do the best we could for him. We bathed him, rubbed honey on his gums to keep up his blood sugar and fed him water through a dropper. Finally around 3am we put him to bed and we all figured he’d be dead by morning.
We all awoke and wearily approached his bed. He was barely breathing. We countinued giving him liquids and as the day progressed he slowly began getting control of his muscles. By afternoon he began eating again and sat up. We all cheered him on. By evening he was nearly all better. It still took days before he was frisky again but at any rate, he made it. He named him Rocky because of the rocky road he’s already been on.
I urge everyone to not buy any over the counter flea porducts. It’s not worth it!

Our new kitten barely survived

We found a stray kitten at a restaurant and brought him home. When we decided to keep him we sprayed him down with hartz flea killer, and assuming that nothing would happen, left the house. When we returned he had crawled into a hole in our cabinet and we could only see him with a flashlight and we noticed quickly that he was shaking. We couldn’t get him out for 8 hours. When I finally pullled him out, he was limp, cross-eyed, quietly hissing and covered in his own vomit and diarreah. We washed him off really well and called an emergency vet who told us to put honey on his gums to keep his blood sugar up and get him to a vet, but we had no way of getting him to a vet. We sat with him for hours on end while he had seizures and no control over his body. We fed him water through a dropper and talked to him and pet him but all he did was hiss gently. We put him in his bed late that night assuming that he would be dead the next morning, but miraculously, the next morning he was still barely breathing. So we took him out and gave him more water and pet him and talked to him. And then we let him sleep for a little while, and then gave him more water. Slowly throughout the day he got better and better. First he followed movement with his eyes, then his head. The he moved his paws and would flick his ears when you touched them. By that night he was walking wobbly around the house. He barely survived, but now 5 days later he’s as happy as can be. Hartz should be taken off the market, no animal deserves what that product does to them.

Hartz Flea Shampoo kills two kittens

Several years ago I had a tuxedo cat that had a litter of the most beautiful kittens you’d ever see. It was a small litter of only 3. Kitten #1 didn’t make it through the night but kitten #2 and 3 were doing great. Summer time came and so did fleas. The easiest solution was going to the local Walmart to buy Hartz flea shampoo to wash them in. While washing the tiny faces a small amount of the shampoo got into their mouths. Not thinking anything of it I continued the bath and dried them off. They seemed to be doing ok at first then late that night they became ill. We called the number on the back of the bottle only for them to tell us to wash the kittens again and that they’d be ok. Back to the tub they went for another bath. They seemed better so we went to bed only to wake the next morning to two dead kittens cuddled together. I’m positive that the Hartz shampoo was to blame for the deaths. To this day I refuse to use anything Hartz.

Blinding reaction to Hartz flea & tick!

I gave my 3 year old cats a dose of Hartz flea & tick on Monday. Both were a bit out of it. The female cat snapped out of it in about 24 hours. The male cat became very disoriented and secluded. He had wandered off and it took me a few hours to find him. I found him very lethargic with a swollen face. I thought he had fallen or hit his head on something. He has allergies but the drainage from his eye had become pink in color. We brought him in the house and he slept for several hours. We finally washed the medicine off of him on Wednesday, this did nothing to change his demeanor. Thursday I purchased some kitty milk treat and tried to get him to eat this with a syringe. I was able to get about 2 ounces of this milk down him. Last night he got up and moved around a bit, he started running into things like his depth perception was gone and maybe blinded in his swollen eye. Friday morning, it appears the swelling maybe going down and he woke up after he heard me moving around. I was able to get another 2 ounces of milk treat down him. Is there anything I can do to help him recover faster, or if he will recover without an expensive vet bill. I was really glad to find this website, I hope you can help.
Thanks Jennifer

Has any one had problems with their dogs?

We bought the Hartz one spot flea and tick treatment for our dog and three cats about three weeks ago. after our dog starting losing alot of his hair and was scraching himself raw we got worried. he also doesn’t seem like himself. he is very lathargic and just doesn’t want to play. when we went to the vet to get the good stuff she told us horror stories of cats coming in with seizures. we are lucky that the kittens haven’t had any reactions to the treatment. i have read a lot of the stories about the horrors that have happened to peoples cats but was wondering if there have been any problems with dogs?

I couldn’t Believe What I Saw.

I put Harts on my 1 year old dog and one week later we had to take him to the vet because he had what looked like scabs on his back. At first the vet thought it was hot spots, but after shaving him, realized it was not hot spots. He told me that it had to have been from the Harts flea and tick medication i had put on him a week prior. His skin had completely died and fallen off. it was about 8 inches down his back and about 3 inches across of just pure flesh. I was devastated when i saw my dog. I could not believe that this could happen with such a well known product. so i have sent a package with vet bills and pictures to the company and they are “Supposed” to get back to me. I have not heard from them in almost 4 weeks. i think i am going to send this story with pictures to the nearest big newspaper and my family lawyer. Hopefully it will all work out one way or the other. if anyone has any information please contact me at [email protected], subject Hartz.

talk to hartz today and heard some alarming news!!!

i want to let everybody know i talked to hartz today about thier 4in1 flea and tick drops that made my cat very ill!! i was very upset with them and told them this needs to stop!! they then stated and i quote “oh that product has been off the market since march 30th of this year”,…a few moments later i was transfered to anothier lady who i repeated the question of why its still on the market she then stated and i quote ” well its not quite off the market.. its now called ultra gaurd and its organic” i said “oh its organic” she then stated “well not really,it has some nautral ingrediants in it”, i was stunned i said to her listen i dont care if you call it ultra gaurd or butthole soap really it should be called murder in a box!!!!!! im really sorry if that last statment offended anybody im just very hurt and angry right now. i feel i have been raped and violated of all trust i had, its really a terrible gross feeling. needless to say the phone call to them led me nowhere except to believe they are really mentally disturbed…it was almost as if everything i said to them negative theyd reply back with a positive…for example my cats half dead..theyd reply well at least shes still here …..well gee no shit huh? there was a few stament made that led me to believe these people need help i want to keep this brief so heres a few….”well if your cat would of past away we would of asked to unbury your cat and mail her in for a autopsy to determin the death…..” , no comment needed right?? then i mencioned while waiting for them to answer thier phone there was a bunch of quick facts about dont leave a animal in the car on a hot day…ect..i questioned why in all of those facts i heard did i not here a fact stating if you really want to murder your cat HARTZ is here to help because thats basically what their doing…..at the end of the call they had the *****ing nerve to ask if i would like to make a donation to some animal fund they have going right now…i responded back by saying are you the animals,then no thanks. well thank you for reading. i printed about 200 buisness cards stating that before you buy this hartz product or any other please check out hartzvictims.org i have managed to place them between each hartz product at 3 stores in my area..hope it helps!