Cat died 2 days after getting the one spot

Our family pet for 9 years was found dead this morning, two days after using the one spot Hartz behind the neck flea killer. he was a large black cat weighing about 15 pounds. Up until that time he was healthy, I believe the flea medicine killed him, and am afraid to tell my children that it was because of that. He is now buried in our backyard, and we will miss him terribly, I only hope that the same stuff for dogs that I used on our scotty terrior will not do the same, she is getting a bath and I will never use that spot tick killer again. What do these people that make and sell this killer stuff think!! That we dont care about our pets. We are very upset!

Ohio Resident Wants Action – Anyone With Me?

Someone please help get this crap off of the shelves! Right now my 14 week old kitten is being hospitalized at the vet because I used Hartz One Spot on him. Smoke, the kitten, was near dead when I found him. No pet deserves this. I now have $400 to pay in vet bills, and I just graduated high school. I want justice to be done. Not just for Smoke, but for every pet and pet owner that has suffered as a result of Hartz. I for one am OUTRAGED!! Hartz needs to be sued and the crap needs to be taken off of the shelves TODAY.

Toledo, Ohio

14 Weeks Old and Almost Dead

Hi! My name is Mallory and I have just bought a new kitten four weeks ago. The kitten’s name is Smoke, and was only 10 weeks old when I got him. The day that I got him from the pet store he was a happy and healthy kitten with no medical problems. Then one day I discovered a few fleas on him so I decided to put Hatz One Spot on him to kill the fleas. What I didn’t know is that it would nearly kill my little baby kitty. What happened is I put it on him and then went to work. When I came home I couldn’t find him, so I started to search the house. What I discovered was my kitten laying in the bathtub in a pool of blood and shampoo. What had happened was he had had a reaction to the Hartz One Spot and lost control of himself. He then fell into the bathtub and a shampoo bottle fell on to his head and busted open. Smoke was covered in shampoo. In a frenzy I cleaned him off, but he was cold and barely breathing. I called the 24 hour emergency vet and took him in. On the car ride there Smoke started foaming at the mouth. When I got there they said that he had severe brain damage. Smoke was unable to stand and his head was tilted to the side. He was not able to open his eyes, however the doctor checked him and one eye was looking to the left and the other was pointing down. He was immediately hooked to fluids and steroids. The next morning I had to transport him to his normal veterinarian for observation. Here it was confirmed that because he had taken that fall and laid in the shampoo, his cornias were burnt and he had an upper respiratory infection. Smoke can barely stand or walk, and keeps his head tilted to the side. As of this moment he is still at the vet. It is possible that he may come home in a few days, but he will take some time to recover. All of this had happened because I used Hartz One Spot on Smoke and he had a bad reaction and fell. Now I have $400 that I have to come up with to pay the vet bills, and I just graduated high school. Smoke is just a kitten and does not deserve this. In fact no living being deserves this. All of this can be prevented if the medicine is pulled from the shelves. PLEASE!!! DO NOT BUY HARTZ ONE SPOT!!!!. This medicne is nothing but hazardous waste. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and please pray for Smoke’s healthy recovery.

Toledo, Ohio

Hartz Product Poisoned My 1 Year Old Cat

My 1 year old cat Ghost is an indoor apartment cat, but sometimes he sneaks out the door and into the hallway which is where I figure he sometimes picks up fleas. I had been getting bitten at night recently so I thought to pick up a cheap little dose of flea medicine from the local Superstore. What I chose was “HARTZ 1spot flea/tick medicine” which came in 3 seperate liquid doses to be applied over a period of time.

I applied the full first dose at the back of his neck as directed and went out for dinner. Upon returning about an hour and a half later, I noticed he was particularly spastic, running around, scratching his neck, but the weirdness was that he was panting furiously. I knew it wasn’t from heat as the apartment has been much hotter before and all the windows were open. So I immediately called my local vet, who instructed that I bring Ghost in immediately, which I did.

I left him with the veterenary assistant who mentioned hearing of this problem before, and she took him to the back right away to wash his neck and bathe him completely. I left and waited for a call from the actual veteranarian. He called about 45 minutes later saying that Ghost has stopped panting and that he was just relaxing. Though the liquid had been scrubbed off, the vet suggested that he stay overnight and have a blood test taken in the morning to get an accurate reading of any possible damage that the already absorbed flea “medicine” might have caused, as the product is notorious for causing liver damage and other permanent damage.

It is now the next day and I have Ghost back with me and he is back to his normal self, happy to be home and not leaving my side. I’ll be hearing the results of the blood test in a few days.

While he was in the Cat Hospital I researched this product and realized that we are both extremely lucky that I found him in his unusual state as soon as I did. To hear of those whose cats and dogs were found a day or two later, in convulsions, shaking, unconscious, and basically flat out sick , some found dead right then and there, I am utterly outraged that this product has been available to us all for us to poison our own animals.

I definately plan on holding someone responsible for this atrocity, namely Superstore, the store that sold me this product AFTER it was supposedly phased out of retail in March 2006 (this i found out while my cat was in the hospital) and I would LOVE to take some sort of action against Hartz themselves for their thriving manufacturing of death but am simply not sure how to go about this, as this seems to have happened so many times before to others, yet nothing seems to be getting done. All I can do is share this story.

To those who have lost their pets to death and illness, I’m gravely sorry, and good luck to anyone taking action against these monsters.

-L. Cropper, BC Canada

My Cat Lucy’s Nightmare!!!

It was Lucy’s nightmare and mine. I unsuspectingly purchased some of Hartz’s toxic drops from Walmart and applied as instructed to the back of her neck. Lucy is a much beloved, very friendly 2 year old domestic black cat who I acquired while in London and fell in love with her so much that I brought her all the way to California. Anyway, couple of hours later my roommate informed me my cat was hiding in his closet acting very peculiar. I went to check her out where I was horrified to see a distraught and terrified Lucy erupting into seizures. In a panic my roommate and I doused the poor creature in shampoo and water trying to rinse the poison off. Meanwhile I ran to the computer to look up Hartz poisionings and was fortunate enough to come across this website. We rushed Lucy to the animal emergency where the receptionist took one look at her, raised an eyebrow in disgust and called to the attendant “another poisoned cat from Hartz”. She proceeded to tell me the numerous cases they receive on a weekly basis from this companys flea drops and I stood their listening feeling so guilty that I had put it on her and praying she’d be okay. The vet gave her a detoxifying bath and a shot of valium to calm her down and fortunately by the next morning she was doing okay – a bit wobbly but she made it. I looked at the bill and was not surprised to see that I was charged for hazardous waste disposal. I cannot believe after viewing your website and seeing all the horrors this product is still on the market – it infuriates me. I intend to follow all instructions and go after Hartz best I can. Thanks for reading my story.

the last flea bath

july 14 2006 i was in the yard with my little dog i picked her up and saw some fleas so i took her in and gave her a bath with hartz flea & tik shampoo i laid her in her bed then shut the door & left to run some errands when i came back late that evening i went & called her to go out and take care of buisness she acted a little weak so i brought her back in & put her back in her bed at nine o clock she could no longer stand up and was crying & moaning we did not get any sleep that night the next morning i called the vet and took her to see him his diagnoses was that the flea shampoo had poisened her by fourthirty my little friend and companion died i feel so guilty because the person she loved &trusted the most killed her with the shampoo i feel so sad and guilty but she can rest in peace knowing i will do all i can so this does not happen to another pet i feel so guilty i miss her so much what will i do without her i feel so guilty now she is gone never to greet me at the door again my baby is gone iwill never see her again i have to accept it

zodiac shampoo any ideas?

i was wondering about zodiac products? now i used the zodiac flea shampoo for all my cats when i first got them because they had terrible fleas the next day i checked them and every single flea had vanished! im wondering if anyone is familier with this product? is it dangerous? is it safe? i dont have a flea problem anymore and my cats were not harmed in anyway from it…. but please let me know about zodiac if you can…thank you so much!

bad reaction in one hour

I applied Advanced Flea and Tick drops to my 12# Jack Russell terrier to deal with ticks on July 15 at 6:00pm. In one hour he was shaking, crying, and in pain in the abdominal and hindquarter area. He didn’t want to walk, just sit. He had to be carried upstairs for the night and did not move from one spot all night, which is highly unusual. This morning he was still in pain and distress so I took him to an emergency vet clinic (it’s Sunday). His temp was normal, they could tell he was in pain. They gave him a bath to wash off the crap and sent him home with Rimadyl for the pain. They said if he wasn’t better by tomorrow to take him to my regulatr vet for bloodwork and X-rays to see why it was painful to walk.
I belive my dog was poisoned by this drug. I took it back to the store for a refund and plan to call Hartz tomorrow and relay my experience. I doubt they will do anything about the $90 vet bill. I will also write the EPA about this toxin being sold as safe for dogs.

Kansas City, MO

Lucky Natasha

As I looked at one of my cats today wondering if I should attempt again to apply the “spot on Plus” Flea and tick control by Zodiac bought at Walmart, to my 11 year old beautiful cat Natasha, I decided to google to find out why my other cats had a problem when I applied it to them. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I GOOGLED MY QUESTION AND I THANK GOD THAT I DID NOT USE THE PRODUCT ANY MORE!!! The ever living God had given mercy and grace to our Smokey and Nellie last month.

When I applied the treatment by following the package instructions, the first cat Smokey a well mannered and loving cat begun to foam at the mouth and he immediately wanted to go outside. I followed him outside a little while later and I found him with a lot of foam coming out of his mouth, dripping and that had scared me. Smokey grabbed a stick and was chewing at it wildly and I started to take the stick away from him to help him and check the situation out, he hissed at me and contuined to eat at the bark of the stick??? I didn’t know what the heck was going on and I left him alone, but I was really scared. He ended up being fine, but I decided that I would have my teenage daugher apply the same product to her cat, because I was afraid to.

After my daughter applied it to her cat she came to and told me that , ” I will not put that stuff on Nellie again and that she had all of this foam coming out of her mouth too”!

Both my daugher and I were extremely upset over this product and now are afraid to put anything on the cats. Does anyone have any sugggestions to what we can do for our cats for flea prevention without paying a vet so much money.

Please don’t use this stuff on your animals and if you have you are also blessed as we were to not find your animal harmed like others have.

God Bless,