Snoball and Odessey

Last Oct 2005 I found a few flees on my cats and dog. I couldn’t afford the drops from the vet, so I headed for Walmart and bought the Hartz drops for the cats and the dog. I only put it on one cat, not sure why, that was Snoball, she was my precious baby, she was 16 yrs old and she was deaf. After about a week I noticed that she was staying up stairs and wouldn’t come down. I took her down and shut the door so she couldn’t go back up, the next day she couldn’t breath, wouldn’t eat or drink anything. I ended up just putting some wet food on a spoon and she would lick a little of that, we waited one more day cause it was the weekend and she wasn’t getting any better, so I brought her to the emergency vet and told them I didn’t want her poked at, so unfortuntaly the hardest thing I put her down. Two months later in December I put it on my other cat Odessey she was 17 yrs old and also very important to me, we took her in as a stray and she didn’t like anyone expect for myself. Well a week later I came home from work and we found her dead under the kitchen table, which I just couldn’t understand, she was sitting there when I left in the morning, bright eyed, two months to the day that Snoball was put down. We were thinking Odessey just missed Snoball. We thought it was just a concidence that both had died and the dog was alright. My husband kept telling me that it wasn’t from the drops. But the more I talk to people the more I know if I NEVER bought those and put it on them they would still be alive. The hardest thing right now is knowing that I did it to them and trying to comes to terms with I didn’t know, but it is tough, If I never did it. Now I use Frontline on my dog, no matter what it costs I’m not going through that again.

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