BEWARE Hartz Kitten Replacement Milk

This story began a couple months ago! I picked up four kittens that were ordered to be killed because the lady did not want them. Froggy as we called him did get pneamonia and was taken to the vets. He was recovering with broth mixed with water and some nutro cal. He was doing so well! Then he did not want the broth anymore so I had gotten a new kitten into my rescue who was only 7 -10 days old and infected eyes. I took him to the vet’s and stopped at Wal-Mart to get some replacement milk. When we got home, I put a little tiny bit of the milk in Froggies broth for taste and he took it very well. The new kitten took the milk for 3 days and had rehydrated very nicely. I opened the second can on a Thursday and gave these two kittens who were doing great. They both started getting sick, the tiny one throwing up and the other just quit eating. The only thing these two kittens had in common was the milk. Nothing else! Friday they both died within 10 minutes of each other. I go down to throw out all the milk and look at the bottom of the can. The date 090602 was on it! I confronted Wal-Mart with this and they could not answer if this was an expiration date or not. I called Hartz and still no answer. All they would say is the can of milk was canned this year! I asked about expiration dates to no avail. They did offer to do necropsies on both kittens which I refused! They gave me a case number and took all information. They wanted me to send them my empty can and the full can I still had. NO WAY! This is my evidence if I need it! I have contacted my news channel and we are doing a story on this. When we find out more, I will update this! I pray no one buys the replacement milk to have more kittens die! This is a horrible feeling. I have done rescue for over 4 years and have raised a few kittens on Hartz milk but now it is killing them! WHY?

From now on, I will make my own formula for kittens and puppies. I will never trust Hartz again! These kittens should have been alive, well and growing into adult cats, not dead and in the ground. Hartz is a horrible company who does not care about animals but profit! I had someone tell me today that Hartz does not care about law suits because the few who figure out it is them, will settle for little but the profit from the products will be more than the settlements! How many animals have died that people just figure they were not healthy animals? NOT ME! I knew the milk killed them!

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  1. July 17, 2008
    My heart dropped when I seen this story. I had two kittens that were 8 weeks old. One of them was the runt of the litter and was extremly tiny in every way. I called the vet and they said to give her kitten milk to help her gain weight. We went to shaws market and bought a can of hartz milk. My kitten drank small amounts through the next 2 days. On the third day she stopped eating all together. I started feeding her with a dropper. After 24 hours of this she had diahrea and was vomiting, shortly after she could not walk with out falling over and was barly breathing. We rushed her to the animal E.R. which was on July 9, 2008 They told us that from her not eating her sugar levels dropped and and her body went into shock. Well they need to do more testing and we just could not afford another $300.00 on top of the $95.00 to be seen and $135.00 for the test to tell us her sugar dropped and the sugar pills to try to keep her alive. When we went home I started to think, she was fine and was eating kitten food untill we gave her the milk. I looked on the bottom og the can and the numbers were 060907. We brought our other kitten to the vet the next day to make sure she was ok and we brought the can. The vet was not sure if that was the expiration date. Our other kitten is ok. I also remembered that she too had diahrea the day that we gave our other kitten the milk. The milk had to have been the problem because she had drank a few sips of what was left behind. Well now I am devistated and I wish that I never purchased Hartz Kitten milk!

    * We love and miss you so much my Mylie Bug *

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