What Greed Costs the Innocent

My family was given a puppy that was full of fleas, which we didn’t know about. We already had two cats. They soon got the fleas and we are treating the carpets and all indoor and outdoor areas. We decided to try the Hartz Ultra Guard plus drops for cats and Hartz Advanced Care 3 in 1 Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies.

I put the drops on the cats two days ago, mid-day. I monitored the cats and there is not one bit of evidence that the fleas are in the least daunted by the
treatment. But the cats are. They each crawled into dark places in a closet, and the older cat’s third membrane is halfway across her eyes. Both cats’ eyes are watering and they are miserable and I fear for them. They have come to me in mute appeal for comfort and relief. Now it’s a waiting game.

Years ago I’d tried Hartz products and was shocked at the devastation to my pets. But I thought Hartz MUST have gotten a clue and were better by now. That assumption may cost me more than I dare think about.

I’ve come to believe that any person or group of people who own and run a company that goes on doing so much harm, are sociopaths–pathologically conscienceless. It’s black comedy that their company name is Hartz (hearts).

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