What did you put on my neck?

Rupert was a healthy, 15 year old Maine Coon cat. He was an outdoor cat in Texas for nine years before coming to me in Canada. I began noticing fleas on my pet and because I could not afford the flea program offered at my local vet’s office, I chose instead what I thought to be a very reasonable product, Hartz One Spot from the shelves of Zellers Department Store. Rupert began to scratch and scratch incessantly almost immediately and threw up his meal the next day. I then bought a recommended lotion for “hot spots” from a pet supply store. It was for both dogs and cats to help ease the itching. Rupert continued to scratch, leaving his neck red and sore. I decided to telephone the number on the package of Hartz One Spot in the U.S. and told them of my cat’s reaction to their product. They informed me that this was very unusual and that I should wash my pet to eliminate any residue from the product. It did take a week or so to have Rupert back to normal. I then had him treated by a veterinarian for the fleas. He lived for another two years and died peacefully in his sleep of old age. I will never use a product of Hartz again on my two new cats and advise others to carefully consider your pet’s health and well-being before using an off-the-counter because it is inexpensive.

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