My Bobcat

Last night I got home from work to find my beloved 3 year old cat, Bobcat, acting like she had lost her mind. She was hissing and purring at the same time, running in circles and seemed completely out of it. I noticed that she was also trying to rub her back on the floor almost non-stop. I had put Hartx Flea and Tick drops on her yesterday morning so my first assumption was that the drops were somehow burning her skin. I washed the area off with soap and water, put her in the car and rushed her to the nearest animal emergency room. As soon as I told the doctor what was going on, she said “Hartz?” and then rushed my cat into critical care. It looks like my Bobcat will survive because I caught it early. I won’t know until tonight whether or not there will be permament damage to her system. I find it incomprehensible, however, that an over-the-counter product used for its specified purpose could kill my pet. II was also shocked to be told by almost every tech and doctor in the vet emergency that they see numerous cases of cat poisoning from Hartx products every year. How do they get away with selling these products? feel very lucky that she is still alive.

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