14 Weeks Old and Almost Dead

Hi! My name is Mallory and I have just bought a new kitten four weeks ago. The kitten’s name is Smoke, and was only 10 weeks old when I got him. The day that I got him from the pet store he was a happy and healthy kitten with no medical problems. Then one day I discovered a few fleas on him so I decided to put Hatz One Spot on him to kill the fleas. What I didn’t know is that it would nearly kill my little baby kitty. What happened is I put it on him and then went to work. When I came home I couldn’t find him, so I started to search the house. What I discovered was my kitten laying in the bathtub in a pool of blood and shampoo. What had happened was he had had a reaction to the Hartz One Spot and lost control of himself. He then fell into the bathtub and a shampoo bottle fell on to his head and busted open. Smoke was covered in shampoo. In a frenzy I cleaned him off, but he was cold and barely breathing. I called the 24 hour emergency vet and took him in. On the car ride there Smoke started foaming at the mouth. When I got there they said that he had severe brain damage. Smoke was unable to stand and his head was tilted to the side. He was not able to open his eyes, however the doctor checked him and one eye was looking to the left and the other was pointing down. He was immediately hooked to fluids and steroids. The next morning I had to transport him to his normal veterinarian for observation. Here it was confirmed that because he had taken that fall and laid in the shampoo, his cornias were burnt and he had an upper respiratory infection. Smoke can barely stand or walk, and keeps his head tilted to the side. As of this moment he is still at the vet. It is possible that he may come home in a few days, but he will take some time to recover. All of this had happened because I used Hartz One Spot on Smoke and he had a bad reaction and fell. Now I have $400 that I have to come up with to pay the vet bills, and I just graduated high school. Smoke is just a kitten and does not deserve this. In fact no living being deserves this. All of this can be prevented if the medicine is pulled from the shelves. PLEASE!!! DO NOT BUY HARTZ ONE SPOT!!!!. This medicne is nothing but hazardous waste. Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and please pray for Smoke’s healthy recovery.

Toledo, Ohio

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