Hartz Product Poisoned My 1 Year Old Cat

My 1 year old cat Ghost is an indoor apartment cat, but sometimes he sneaks out the door and into the hallway which is where I figure he sometimes picks up fleas. I had been getting bitten at night recently so I thought to pick up a cheap little dose of flea medicine from the local Superstore. What I chose was “HARTZ 1spot flea/tick medicine” which came in 3 seperate liquid doses to be applied over a period of time.

I applied the full first dose at the back of his neck as directed and went out for dinner. Upon returning about an hour and a half later, I noticed he was particularly spastic, running around, scratching his neck, but the weirdness was that he was panting furiously. I knew it wasn’t from heat as the apartment has been much hotter before and all the windows were open. So I immediately called my local vet, who instructed that I bring Ghost in immediately, which I did.

I left him with the veterenary assistant who mentioned hearing of this problem before, and she took him to the back right away to wash his neck and bathe him completely. I left and waited for a call from the actual veteranarian. He called about 45 minutes later saying that Ghost has stopped panting and that he was just relaxing. Though the liquid had been scrubbed off, the vet suggested that he stay overnight and have a blood test taken in the morning to get an accurate reading of any possible damage that the already absorbed flea “medicine” might have caused, as the product is notorious for causing liver damage and other permanent damage.

It is now the next day and I have Ghost back with me and he is back to his normal self, happy to be home and not leaving my side. I’ll be hearing the results of the blood test in a few days.

While he was in the Cat Hospital I researched this product and realized that we are both extremely lucky that I found him in his unusual state as soon as I did. To hear of those whose cats and dogs were found a day or two later, in convulsions, shaking, unconscious, and basically flat out sick , some found dead right then and there, I am utterly outraged that this product has been available to us all for us to poison our own animals.

I definately plan on holding someone responsible for this atrocity, namely Superstore, the store that sold me this product AFTER it was supposedly phased out of retail in March 2006 (this i found out while my cat was in the hospital) and I would LOVE to take some sort of action against Hartz themselves for their thriving manufacturing of death but am simply not sure how to go about this, as this seems to have happened so many times before to others, yet nothing seems to be getting done. All I can do is share this story.

To those who have lost their pets to death and illness, I’m gravely sorry, and good luck to anyone taking action against these monsters.

-L. Cropper, BC Canada

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