My Cat Lucy’s Nightmare!!!

It was Lucy’s nightmare and mine. I unsuspectingly purchased some of Hartz’s toxic drops from Walmart and applied as instructed to the back of her neck. Lucy is a much beloved, very friendly 2 year old domestic black cat who I acquired while in London and fell in love with her so much that I brought her all the way to California. Anyway, couple of hours later my roommate informed me my cat was hiding in his closet acting very peculiar. I went to check her out where I was horrified to see a distraught and terrified Lucy erupting into seizures. In a panic my roommate and I doused the poor creature in shampoo and water trying to rinse the poison off. Meanwhile I ran to the computer to look up Hartz poisionings and was fortunate enough to come across this website. We rushed Lucy to the animal emergency where the receptionist took one look at her, raised an eyebrow in disgust and called to the attendant “another poisoned cat from Hartz”. She proceeded to tell me the numerous cases they receive on a weekly basis from this companys flea drops and I stood their listening feeling so guilty that I had put it on her and praying she’d be okay. The vet gave her a detoxifying bath and a shot of valium to calm her down and fortunately by the next morning she was doing okay – a bit wobbly but she made it. I looked at the bill and was not surprised to see that I was charged for hazardous waste disposal. I cannot believe after viewing your website and seeing all the horrors this product is still on the market – it infuriates me. I intend to follow all instructions and go after Hartz best I can. Thanks for reading my story.

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