the last flea bath

july 14 2006 i was in the yard with my little dog i picked her up and saw some fleas so i took her in and gave her a bath with hartz flea & tik shampoo i laid her in her bed then shut the door & left to run some errands when i came back late that evening i went & called her to go out and take care of buisness she acted a little weak so i brought her back in & put her back in her bed at nine o clock she could no longer stand up and was crying & moaning we did not get any sleep that night the next morning i called the vet and took her to see him his diagnoses was that the flea shampoo had poisened her by fourthirty my little friend and companion died i feel so guilty because the person she loved &trusted the most killed her with the shampoo i feel so sad and guilty but she can rest in peace knowing i will do all i can so this does not happen to another pet i feel so guilty i miss her so much what will i do without her i feel so guilty now she is gone never to greet me at the door again my baby is gone iwill never see her again i have to accept it

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