bad reaction in one hour

I applied Advanced Flea and Tick drops to my 12# Jack Russell terrier to deal with ticks on July 15 at 6:00pm. In one hour he was shaking, crying, and in pain in the abdominal and hindquarter area. He didn’t want to walk, just sit. He had to be carried upstairs for the night and did not move from one spot all night, which is highly unusual. This morning he was still in pain and distress so I took him to an emergency vet clinic (it’s Sunday). His temp was normal, they could tell he was in pain. They gave him a bath to wash off the crap and sent him home with Rimadyl for the pain. They said if he wasn’t better by tomorrow to take him to my regulatr vet for bloodwork and X-rays to see why it was painful to walk.
I belive my dog was poisoned by this drug. I took it back to the store for a refund and plan to call Hartz tomorrow and relay my experience. I doubt they will do anything about the $90 vet bill. I will also write the EPA about this toxin being sold as safe for dogs.

Kansas City, MO

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