Lucky Natasha

As I looked at one of my cats today wondering if I should attempt again to apply the “spot on Plus” Flea and tick control by Zodiac bought at Walmart, to my 11 year old beautiful cat Natasha, I decided to google to find out why my other cats had a problem when I applied it to them. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I GOOGLED MY QUESTION AND I THANK GOD THAT I DID NOT USE THE PRODUCT ANY MORE!!! The ever living God had given mercy and grace to our Smokey and Nellie last month.

When I applied the treatment by following the package instructions, the first cat Smokey a well mannered and loving cat begun to foam at the mouth and he immediately wanted to go outside. I followed him outside a little while later and I found him with a lot of foam coming out of his mouth, dripping and that had scared me. Smokey grabbed a stick and was chewing at it wildly and I started to take the stick away from him to help him and check the situation out, he hissed at me and contuined to eat at the bark of the stick??? I didn’t know what the heck was going on and I left him alone, but I was really scared. He ended up being fine, but I decided that I would have my teenage daugher apply the same product to her cat, because I was afraid to.

After my daughter applied it to her cat she came to and told me that , ” I will not put that stuff on Nellie again and that she had all of this foam coming out of her mouth too”!

Both my daugher and I were extremely upset over this product and now are afraid to put anything on the cats. Does anyone have any sugggestions to what we can do for our cats for flea prevention without paying a vet so much money.

Please don’t use this stuff on your animals and if you have you are also blessed as we were to not find your animal harmed like others have.

God Bless,


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