Vet Thinks It Was the Collar. Advice?

Currently, I am going through a gut wrenching ordeal and if anyone can help, please feel free to mail me. My heart and soul is so sick and I don’t know what to do. I live in a rural area and our neighbor has a dog, a gentle one. In the pouring rain last Monday, she was barking in circles at something in the grass. Long story short, it was a beautiful, loving little stray kitten,7 weeks old with a BIG WHITE Collar around it’s neck. You know the one…white, metallic strip/buckle. I immediately knew it was trouble. She was convulsing on the ground, unhurt by the dog but apparently in shock. I dried her off, no wounds except a pus filled old abcess on her head and lots of fleas, collar or no. It seemed like it would be okay. Later in the evening, she starts convulsing, tremors and finally full seizures. I rush to the nearest emergency vet, an hour away. A hundred dollars later and a cocktail shot, she is happy, fluffy and normal acting. It stayed this way for a week almost. Sunday night, the baby sleeps all afternoon and is lethargic upon wakening, ruffled fur, pupils are lopsided, fever, white eyeball covering, unable to walk and falls over howling. Seizure starts and she throws herself back and forth into walls and doors, running as if a demon were chasing her. This goes on for about 1 minute or two then she revives as if it never happened. To the vet next morning and he is convinced that if it’s not head trauma (and he thinks it isn’t) it is the flea collar toxins. He says the smell of the chemicals are too strong around her head still, even after a bath. Back home with steroids, clavamox…FIV and leukemia tests are negative. All is well rest of Monday, Tuesday evening comes, loooong nap and the onset of lethargy and seizures that were even worse than before…eye twitches badly, red circle under eye, labored breathing and full out seizures flying through the house, jumping across furniture, slamming into walls in mid air, hanging off the sofa frozen. Three more seizures would happen as the night progresses. In between, she nuzzles, purrs and seems grateful for the company while she hurts. Back to vet today (Wed) and they take full CBC. No liver damage, no elevated blood sugars, slight white blood cell count elevation. Give her a sugar substance to add to the food in case of possible sugar elevation but otherwise are clueless. They say she might have trauma to the head and it could heal itself in a few weeks, maybe not. If it is the flea collar as they suspect, it’s hard to say if this will be permanent. I am trying so hard to give her a few weeks to work it out if it can be done but this is so hard. To let her spend so much time in a catatonic state and living with what appears to be brain damage doesn’t seem fair to the kitten. I feel like I am an optimist and may be doing her more harm but they gave me a glimmer of hope. I don’t know what to do. During the day, she is so incredibly loving in spite of her hardships. She’s only been on this earth for 8 or 9 weeks and has had to go through all of this? Wow…life stinks. Is there anyone else that can relate to these same symptoms? Any hope maybe? Thanks for listening.

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