talk to hartz today and heard some alarming news!!!

i want to let everybody know i talked to hartz today about thier 4in1 flea and tick drops that made my cat very ill!! i was very upset with them and told them this needs to stop!! they then stated and i quote “oh that product has been off the market since march 30th of this year”,…a few moments later i was transfered to anothier lady who i repeated the question of why its still on the market she then stated and i quote ” well its not quite off the market.. its now called ultra gaurd and its organic” i said “oh its organic” she then stated “well not really,it has some nautral ingrediants in it”, i was stunned i said to her listen i dont care if you call it ultra gaurd or butthole soap really it should be called murder in a box!!!!!! im really sorry if that last statment offended anybody im just very hurt and angry right now. i feel i have been raped and violated of all trust i had, its really a terrible gross feeling. needless to say the phone call to them led me nowhere except to believe they are really mentally disturbed…it was almost as if everything i said to them negative theyd reply back with a positive…for example my cats half dead..theyd reply well at least shes still here …..well gee no shit huh? there was a few stament made that led me to believe these people need help i want to keep this brief so heres a few….”well if your cat would of past away we would of asked to unbury your cat and mail her in for a autopsy to determin the death…..” , no comment needed right?? then i mencioned while waiting for them to answer thier phone there was a bunch of quick facts about dont leave a animal in the car on a hot day…ect..i questioned why in all of those facts i heard did i not here a fact stating if you really want to murder your cat HARTZ is here to help because thats basically what their doing… the end of the call they had the *****ing nerve to ask if i would like to make a donation to some animal fund they have going right now…i responded back by saying are you the animals,then no thanks. well thank you for reading. i printed about 200 buisness cards stating that before you buy this hartz product or any other please check out i have managed to place them between each hartz product at 3 stores in my area..hope it helps!

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