july 3rd about 3 days ago at 8pm i gave 3 of my cats hartz 4in1 flea and tick drops. 2 were fine but at about 11pm i noticed 1 was not fine she was breathing 3 breaths per second if you can imagin that? and was twitching all over..because it was late the only option i had was the ER vet 45min away from my home so i called..they instantly knew what i was talking about,told me to bathe her with dawn dish soap and scrub and scrub then rush her in before i could hang up they added ,”mam’ she may not make it”. i was in tears i cried and cried as i struggled to bathe a very tramatized cat….. it seemed to take hours n hours as i drived those 45min to the vet,crying so bad i could barley see the dark foggy road. finally we got there my cat (zuessy) was not doing well at all, i walked in and they evaluted her and let me know it would cost 400 dollers i only had 200 dollers, they then told me they needed money up front and i was told i had enough to put her to sleep which they added would be the best option, i was turned away, i was not going to give up that easy..we fought for her life me and zuessy all night long as we cried togathier her very shakey and upset…my instict somehow told me that if i could only get her to sleep it would relax her twitching mustles so i held her very very tightly to help with the twitching and soon after she was asleep. at about 9am i was sooo exhausted, i layed my head on zuessys tummy and we slept we slept off the sickness togathier she slept 6 hours when she woke she was doing awsome still a little shakey but so much better. its now 48 hours later and zuessy is thriving and doing awsome, its just sad that she had to go through something so tramatic at such a young age..shes doing well health wise unfortunitly she will never understand me when i say that im so sorry and that i really did not mean to cause her money from any lawsuit could make my cat regain her trust in me, she seems very distant with me now and will not eat anything i try to feed her, yet my husband can offer the same food and she gobbles it right up.. sad to think my cat hates me because of HARTZ!!! i think hartz sucks i hope they all suffer a long horrible death… and i hope they know that carma is a bitch!!

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