please read very important

please read this its very all started the other night at 8pm i begain letting my 4 cats outdoors so i thought i would go pick up somthing to portect them against harmful fleas and ticks and it just happend to be hartz 4 in 1 flea and tick drops plus…well i begain with my biggest cat he did excellant i then moved on to my next and then my last baby was 9mo zuessy and for some reason it just didnt agree with her as well as it had with the others (cry!!) she seemed fine for the 1st few hours then by 11pm i noticed somthing wasnt right…she started to be very thrashy with her movements (rolling around vigeriously) i put my hand on her stomach to feel her breathing and was just shocked by what i discovered..she was breathing about 3-4 breaths per second:( then started the twitching pretty badly..i called my emergency vet and they said to keep monitering her to make sure it didnt get worse,and also stated i should bring her in to the vet immediatly (unfortunitly i had about 25 dollers to my name and wont be getting paid until friday and its only tuesday and the vet needs the money upfront or they turn you basically i was told that without money i would need to just let nature takes its course and ride out the waves with her…about 2 hours later my instinks kicked in and i knew if she could just get to sleep it would relax her twitching mustles so as i cried and cried i held her close in my bed with my head on her tummy praying all night got to be about 10am and i was still awake as zuessy slept and i just watched over her…its now about 26 hours since the hartz treatment and shes still recovering shes very tired but doing a hell of alot better..all i can see is HARTZ YOU REALLY SUCK!! and i hope all who make and distribute this product suffer a long horrible death for what thier doing to these poor innocent animals..just alone in 1 vet theyve seen over 400-500 of these “hartz cases”, its just not fair this product needs to be removed from the shelves ASAP!!! and as fair as the whole hartz company is concered they will not recieve another penny from me or any of my friends and family and anybody else i can speak to that will listen..

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