Our new kitten barely survived

We found a stray kitten at a restaurant and brought him home. When we decided to keep him we sprayed him down with hartz flea killer, and assuming that nothing would happen, left the house. When we returned he had crawled into a hole in our cabinet and we could only see him with a flashlight and we noticed quickly that he was shaking. We couldn’t get him out for 8 hours. When I finally pullled him out, he was limp, cross-eyed, quietly hissing and covered in his own vomit and diarreah. We washed him off really well and called an emergency vet who told us to put honey on his gums to keep his blood sugar up and get him to a vet, but we had no way of getting him to a vet. We sat with him for hours on end while he had seizures and no control over his body. We fed him water through a dropper and talked to him and pet him but all he did was hiss gently. We put him in his bed late that night assuming that he would be dead the next morning, but miraculously, the next morning he was still barely breathing. So we took him out and gave him more water and pet him and talked to him. And then we let him sleep for a little while, and then gave him more water. Slowly throughout the day he got better and better. First he followed movement with his eyes, then his head. The he moved his paws and would flick his ears when you touched them. By that night he was walking wobbly around the house. He barely survived, but now 5 days later he’s as happy as can be. Hartz should be taken off the market, no animal deserves what that product does to them.

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