Our baby Sox

My cat is currently at the vet because of Hartz tick and flea spray. Shortly after using the spray, our cat became very dizzy and disoriented. She was meowing as if she was in pain and threw up twice. She also couldn’t walk straight and had no balance. She kept falling over. A few hours later, she became very lethargic. She wasn’t eating or drinking anything. I found this website and was shocked at the amount of people whos animals have been poisoned from this product. We called the vet right away and they told us to bring her in. They also told us that they have seen so many cats who have become sick and even died because of Hartz products. They said that it isn’t the quality of the product but the quantity. We used LESS than what the bottle said to use and look whats happened! They said that her heart and lungs are good but her body temperature was extremely low and she was very dehydrated. They are keeping her overnight and they called us today to let us know that she is getting better. If we hadn’t called as soon as we did, she might not have made it. It is still not definite that she will be okay. There is no reason for my cat to be at the vet right now, and suffering as she was. She was a healthy and happy cat and we followed the directions on the bottle exactly as they said. We will be calling Hartz as soon as their offices are open tomorrow. There is no reason why we should have to pay for the vet bill, it is because of their product that our cat had to go to the vet and I am so extremely angry. To see the way she was suffering broke my heart and to think of her now and not knowing how she is doing is so hard. I will never use another Hartz product again. Thank you for this website. It really helped me figure out what was wrong with my cat. Or better yet, what is wrong with Hartz, because there WAS nothing wrong with my cat. I will be sure to spread the word to people about this deadly product.

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