Hartz flea drops do NOT work

I came home one holiday evening to find my two ragdoll cats had fleas. Quickly I wanted to do something to rid them and help my cats. Most stores were closed, but we found a Walgreens that was open until midnight. We purchased Hartz Onespot for the cats, and 3 in 1 home spray.
The Onespot was totally ineffective. The fleas were not phased. Now that they are really bad- we have to wait out another 2 weeks before we can use anything else on them. My cats are constantly itching, and biting and scratching and licking. We give them oatmeal baths every night to ease their distress while we wait to use a product that actually works. We treated out dog whgo at the time did not have fleas, just to be safe and to protect him. He now has a very bad case of fleas himself – after using the product!!!!
My groomer and vet both said that Hartz products are the worse, never use them and how harmful they are to animals. How these products that do not work- or worse- cause harm to our beloved animals and they stay on the market is beyond me. STOP buying and using Hartz products.

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