Flea and Tick spray nearly killed our kitten

This past July 4th we vacationed at the beach and during our stay found a 9 week old stray kitten. After a few days we realized he was covered in fleas so we went to the store and purchased the Hartz Flea and Tick Spray.
Several hours after putting the spray on we realized the kitten had gone missing and at the same time realized that the spray had removed my sisters finger nail polish. We began searching for the cat and found that she had crawled between our cabinets. After hours of waiting for him to come out, we cut a hole into our cabinet and tried to reach him. He was hissing and biting so we decided to give him some time. After several hours we checked again and he was so limp and lethargic that we were able to pull him out.
By this time he was so sick that he could no longer move anything but his eyes. He had vomit and diarrhea all over him and was having seizures and tremors. We called the vet and they asked us to bring him in. No one had the money to put up the bill so we decided to do the best we could for him. We bathed him, rubbed honey on his gums to keep up his blood sugar and fed him water through a dropper. Finally around 3am we put him to bed and we all figured he’d be dead by morning.
We all awoke and wearily approached his bed. He was barely breathing. We countinued giving him liquids and as the day progressed he slowly began getting control of his muscles. By afternoon he began eating again and sat up. We all cheered him on. By evening he was nearly all better. It still took days before he was frisky again but at any rate, he made it. He named him Rocky because of the rocky road he’s already been on.
I urge everyone to not buy any over the counter flea porducts. It’s not worth it!

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