Blinding reaction to Hartz flea & tick!

I gave my 3 year old cats a dose of Hartz flea & tick on Monday. Both were a bit out of it. The female cat snapped out of it in about 24 hours. The male cat became very disoriented and secluded. He had wandered off and it took me a few hours to find him. I found him very lethargic with a swollen face. I thought he had fallen or hit his head on something. He has allergies but the drainage from his eye had become pink in color. We brought him in the house and he slept for several hours. We finally washed the medicine off of him on Wednesday, this did nothing to change his demeanor. Thursday I purchased some kitty milk treat and tried to get him to eat this with a syringe. I was able to get about 2 ounces of this milk down him. Last night he got up and moved around a bit, he started running into things like his depth perception was gone and maybe blinded in his swollen eye. Friday morning, it appears the swelling maybe going down and he woke up after he heard me moving around. I was able to get another 2 ounces of milk treat down him. Is there anything I can do to help him recover faster, or if he will recover without an expensive vet bill. I was really glad to find this website, I hope you can help.
Thanks Jennifer

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