I just learned a lesson in the most horrible way…

Tonight my cat/baby died and I am 99% sure it is because of the Hartz product I put on her today. Before I left for work at noon, I put on a 2 in 1 Reflecting Flea and Tick Collar that I bought at Target last night for her. When I came home, at 5:30, she was crying. At 6:00, she started vomitting. I immediately removed the collar. At 6:30, she was lying on my chest very lethargic. At 6:50, she started seizing and I was getting ready to rush her to the vet. At 7:00, she was dead. My family is devastated and I am sitting here blaming myself because I put the thing on her because I didn’t think this could happen from a flea collar. I am so angry and hurting. I will never, EVER buy another Hartz product again after reading all that I have read. She was two and a half years old and very healthy. This should not have happened! Learn from my mistakes and don’t use these things…=(

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