Hartz Flea collars recalled?

Hello, Can anyone tell me if a Hartz cat flea collar that is white with a metallic strip down the center is one of the products that was recalled? I have read some posts stating that some Hartz collars were recalled, but can’t find any more specific info. My cat developed pancreatitis after biting a Hartz collar (I removed it from her neck after one day) but didn’t know until after she got sick that this could cause this kind of damage) If it was recalled, if should not have been in the store, as I bought it on 6/21, in the evening, and she had to be hospitalized on 6/24 in the AM. Anyone who can provide some info to me I’d greatly appreciate it! I spent 2k in vet bills because of this – luckily she is OK (hopefully not permanent damage)


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