Hives and trembling

The night before last (6/25/06) Iwent through the normal bath routine with my two chihuahuas. The only change in our routine was that I bought Hartz shampoo and flee drops to try. Well the next afternoon my sweet chochalte girl Godiva climbed in my lap and her eye was starting to swell. Within minutes HUGE welts or hives began to appear all over her body. I rushed her to my parents house and my step-mom was concerned and gave her Benadryl. I called the Emergency vet and they said bring her in immidiatly because it was Hartz. We then rushed to the vet to find out she had a toxic reaction to the Hartz, and guess what it happens all the time. They see animals come in all the time with toxic reactions to Hartz and symptoms can be FATAL. Everything from respratory faliure to Hives. If it was for my step-moms quick thinking Godiva might have died. I was shocked to find out that a store I trusted (Target) sold such a bad product, and better yet that the FDA would let the product on the market. Not only did I end up with a vet bill but I had to go home and bathe both girls in Dawn dish detergent, because it was so toxic that she could absorb it from the other dogs skin. (They use Dawn to clean up animals after oil spills) That is what this experience was just a huge oil spill that the FDA won’t clean up. I am pretty sure that if it was killing humans it would be off the market and huge settlements would be awarded. But because it is Only animals it is affecting its not so bad! I don’t know about you but my chihuahua is my baby girl and if she died because of a medicine I gave her I would be crushed!!!! Shame on the FDA and the stores still carrying such a product. ENRAGED
Greenille, SC

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