Hartz Recall

This isn’t quite a victim’s story. It’s just that I went to a Bi-Lo grocery store in Chattanooga to get some four new flea collars for my cats. Just a few weeks ago I had bought one for my fifth cat. I noticed a sign saying that Hartz Tick and Flea product had been recalled. I checked with the manager, because I saw Hartz Tick and Flea Collars in much supply. He told me that it was just that particular product and that it had been removed. I just called him back and he said the name was Hartz Mountain Advance Drops, which wasn’t really the name on the card. He said that recall happened 8 months ago. Well, I’ve never seen a sign like that. I sure would have noticed. Just thought you’d like to know. I’m going to alert my friends in Prevent-A-Litter and Chattanooga Rescue. Could you give me more info on what that product did?

Betsy Bramlett

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