Beanpie We Wouldn’t Want To hurt u

We used HARTS 2 in one flea and tick spray… about 20 minutes later…my cat was not himself…(Beanpie) suddenly wouldn’t eat which is VERY odd, wouldn’t drink and wouldn’t do the things he normally did.

we noticed this but didn’t take too much reaction to it untill he started howling and screaming to get outside….

my mother and i turned to each other and thought…maybe he’s sick?
what if the spray gave him a reaction.

We suddenly decided to wash Beanpie down and clean the product off of him.
More intersted in the side effects, we read alot of comments that people who had used the product wrote, and suddenly realized our faults…How were we to know that harts 2 in one tick and flea spray was to be used moderatly??
the directions didn’t say so…it said apply directly.

Infact Beanpie brushed up against me and some of the spray touched my lip….i soon learned of his agonizing pain… FIRE!!!
Yes Harts is not meant to be used on humans
my lips were on fire??? who would make a product that sets poor little cats on fire?? without (*SPECFICALLY*) telling how to apply???

We washed
Beanpie with water and soap but he escaped from our grasp.
We love Beanpie and would never harm him but it is because of “Harts 2 in one Tick and Flea spray” that Beanpie lacks judgement in us all.

He probably thinks what we would all think if in a sitiuation like his….

Looks Can Be Deciving!
I pray that Beanpie is alright and comes home safely so that he can be cleaned properly and back in our loving arms….

Sincerly yours,

Cia Price


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