I am a veterinarian’s daughter, and have worked with animals my entire life, including working for three years as a veterinary technician. I get sick to my stomach just seeing Hartz products on the shelf.

I have seen way too many animals seizuring after having Hartz products applied. Seeing perfectly healthy cats come into a hospital with their legs twitching, their mouth foaming, and their eyes rolling in their head, completely unaware of their surroundings is enough to convince me never to buy so much as a catnip toy from Hartz. Those reactions are some of the most disturbing of the injuries and illnesses that we see. And animals die because their owners trusted Hartz and their local store not to sell something that could so easily kill their pet.

I know that Frontline, Advantage and Revolution are expensive, but they are expensive for a reason. They work. They’re safe. When your vet recommends one of these products, they are not just trying to make a buck. Trying to get a cat with a pesticide reaction to live is much more expensive.

I’m glad that Hartz is finally taking some of their products off the shelves at the FDA’s request, but I will never, ever trust them with the lives of any of my animals.

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