2 cats victims…1 ended up dead

My mother and I relized that both our kitten Crybaby and are 10 year old cat O(which rarely ever gets fleas),had fleas. And as much as we both hated to do it, we applied Hartz flea and tic drops on both of them.(This was about 7pm)After that they both wanted outside so we let them go. At about 10pm I was leaving and Crybaby came inside…not acting like himself, I picked him up and said “crybaby, you look like your getting sick” knowing my mother was home, i put him down and left. At about 2am i get a phone call from my mother, she was upset and frantic, she said to me “You must come home right away, these cats arent acting right, they are having siezures and “freaking out”. So I got up right away and went home to find both O and Crybaby “having siezures and “freaking out”. Being that it was then about 2:15am, we couldnt rush them to an animal hospital, so we just had to sit there with them…knowing that SOMETHING wasnt right untill 7:30am. At 7:30am…knowing that the vet didnt open for another 30min…we rushed them to the vet…pounding on the door to let us in ! They took them in and told us that the Doc. wouldnt be in till around 10am. SO WE WAIT… Finnally at 10, i get a phone call from the vets office, the ladie on the phone asked me “Have you put any flea medican on O and Crybaby?” I replied “yes, around 7pm lastnight” she then ask me “what brand did you use?” I told her…”Hartz” she said “Ok…thats the problem,well call you back with more information in a little while.” So i sit there…THATS IT…just flea med….I couldnt beleive it…we did this to our babys. The next day, Crybaby got to come home…but as for O, they wernt so sure about. 2 days past without getting any better and 20 visits to the vet just to hold him and tell him everything would be fine…sitting there with him for hours(Yes, for hours) Then on the 3rd day, a phone call saying that O didnt make it ! Crybaby is fine at home…but could have brain damage…but as for O…a part of the family for 10yrs. he didnt make it do to Hartz Flea and Tic drops ! And yes…they still sell the killing product on the shelfs…but we are going to fight this to the end just for O to do as much as we can to get this out of stores everywhere…because it just not right !!!!

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